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Ralph Auriemmo came to iTrip after 25 years in Information Technology Systems management, which included large-scale IT project management for Fortune 200 companies. During that tenure, he was involved in all business aspects and operations. Working in IT taught Ralph the value of technology, automation, and well designed systems to create and maintain high levels of consistency and desired business outcomes.

Ralph has also always had an interest in real estate. This allowed him to acquire several houses in the Marietta area and spend his free time as a real estate investor. He initially hired property management firms to handle properties, but found they lacked the high level of customer service and technology to effectively manage his properties.

As corporate life became more unfulfilling, Ralph searched for entrepreneurial opportunities. He then found iTrip, which catered to his passion for real estate while combining advanced technology with excellent customer service for both property owners and guests. As an iTrip franchisee, he delivers a full-service rental property management program while helping guests in North Georgia have the best vacation experience possible.

In his spare time, Ralph spends time with his family, and enjoys hiking, mountain biking and taking trips to the beach.

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iTrip Marietta
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